This Free iCloud Removal Service Works On Any iPhone Or iPad

Finding a free tool for iCloud activation lock removal on iOS devices can be challenging. Some people offer to bypass iCloud activation lock, but they compromise your data. Other options don’t remove iCloud activation lock entirely, giving you access to half of the device’s features only.

That was the problem that led us to create LockedToOwner.com. This free iCloud removal service works on any iPhone or iPad. Just like it unlocks iPhone 13, it will unlock iPhone 13 Max, Pro, or older versions like the iPhone 5C.

It also works on any iPad, MacBook, or Apple Watch model. The best part? It’s free!

Why Choose LockedToOwner.com

How Can LockedToOwner.com Remove iCloud Activation Lock on Any iPhone Or iPad?

how can locked to owner can help you fix iPhone or iPad

With LockedToOwner.com, our goal was to provide you and every iOS device owner out there with an easy way to unlock iCloud lock. Therefore, our service removes the iCloud activation lock screen on any iPhone or iPad in easy and simple steps. Here’s how it works.

Step 1: Tap on the Chat Bubble to Start

iphoneipad chat bubble

At LockedToOwner’s homepage, you’ll find a chat bubble below your screen. Tap it and the Unlocking Assistant will show up and will guide you throughout the unlocking process.

Step 2: Choose Which Device You Need to Unlocked

Select which device you need to unlocked

After tapping the chat bubble, This section will appear. Choose which device you wish to unlocked, and then continue to the next step.

Step 3: Identify the IMEI of Your Device

imei iphone ipad

Next, you must identify the device using the IMEI or Serial Number. This step allows our iCloud bypass tool to create a unique iCloud account for your device, which you will use to bypass iCloud lock.

Step 4: Provide Your Basic Info

Enter personal info

Once you have entered the IMEI or serial number of your device, the Unlocking Assistant will ask you to fill in the form with the following details:

  • Name
  • Email Address

After providing your name and email, check the box for your consent allowing the web application to store your data. Don’t panic! Your information is safe here. Also, make sure to provide a valid email address for you to receive the validation code needed to unlock your iOS device.

Step 5: Use The New iCloud Account to Complete The iCloud Unlock

click next

With the new Apple ID password readily available, use it on the Apple ID box to complete the unlocking process. This step releases all iOS restrictions and gives you access to your device’s features like brand new.

Why Use LockedToOwner.com for iPhone Or iPad iCloud Removal?

Reasons why you should use locked to owner tool to help you fix your iPad or iPhone activation lock

Our iCloud removal or iCloud unlock service removes all iOS restrictions placed on your iPhone or iPad by the iCloud lock. The process is easy to complete, and it doesn’t take more than 20 minutes.

These are some of the reasons why you should use LockedToOwner.com to start removing iCloud activation lock yourself.

1. It Can Bypass iCloud Activation Lock on All iPhone Or iPad Models

As the top activation lock removal service currently available, LockedToOwner.com is flexible enough to work with all iPhones and iPads regardless of their models.

As a result, you can use the service for iCloud removal lock on an iPhone 13 and its variations, such as the iPhone 13 Pro or Max. It also works with the older iPhone and iPad devices to guarantee an effective service.

2. Using LockedToOwner.com Is Super Easy, Even if You Are Not A Tech Person

Forget about looking for the most recent version of an unlocker app or understanding what a jailbreak is. With our iCloud unlock tool,  you get a friendly interface to remove activation lock as easily as possible.

Furthermore, you don’t have to download apps, connect the iCloud locked iPhone or iPad via USB cable, or anything like that.

3. LockedToOwner.com Can Bypass Activation Lock Without Charging You A Dollar

While other tools offer to take care of the iCloud activation locked iPhone or iPad for you, they often charge you considerable amounts of money. However, LockedToOwner.com can do the same with fewer steps and without charging you any fee.

Therefore, if you buy a second-hand device and don’t have the previous owner’s iCloud account, you can still fix the iCloud locked device yourself for free.

Final Words

Enjoy your fully functional iPhoneiPad

If you’re looking for a free iCloud removal service, look no further than LockedToOwner.com. This free iCloud removal service works on any iPhone or iPad, and it’s available online 24/7. Plus, you can do the whole process yourself and from the comfort of your home.

This way, there’s no need to pay ridiculous money amounts to technicians or use shady apps that may end up stealing your data. LockedToOwner.com takes care of your iCloud locked device in easy and simple steps.

You don’t have to know anything about tech either, meaning that anyone can complete the unlocking procedure with ease. Forget about intricate processes to remove iCloud activation lock screen. With our iCloud removal service, you have the power to do it yourself.

Frequently Asked Questions

This section includes a series of questions that are commonly asked by our users about how to fix activation lock in any iPhone or iPad.

What is activation lock on iPhone?

Activation lock is a security feature on iPhone devices that keeps the device safe and secure, even though it falls into the wrong hands.

Can the iCloud activation lock be removed entirely?

Yes, after you have unlocked the iCloud activation lock of your device, you may now access all the features of your device and it won’t ever come back unless you as the new owner decided to activate the activation lock again to protect your device.

Is there an iCloud activation lock to all iPhone and iPad models?

Yes, there is. All Apple iOS device models and versions have an activation lock feature including iPad, iPhone, Mac, and Apple Watch.

How to remove activation lock on iPad?

If you have proof of purchase of your iPad, you may contact Apple support to help you unlock your device. You may also use iCloud Activation Lock removal tools online. The best tool we can recommend to you is LockedToOwner.com because it is very safe and reliable to use, not only that, it is 100% free you won’t spend any money.

How can I remove the activation lock of my iPhone or iPad without the owner?

Use LockedToOwner.com tool to remove the activation lock of any iPhone or iPad models even without the owner. Just go to the website and tap on the chat bubble below your screen. Choose your device and then provide all the needed information to successfully unlock your device.


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