this iphone is locked to owner


Fix iPhone X Locked to Owner: iPhone X Unlock

The iCloud activation lock does a decent job protecting your iPhone X from strangers, but it could also render the device useless if you’re not careful. It usually happens when you forget the iCloud account or buy a second-hand device with the iCloud lock active. And when you don’t have the Apple login ID to

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Fix iPhone SE Locked to Owner: iPhone SE Unlock

The iCloud activation lock effectively protects the iPhone SE against theft, but forgetting your iCloud account means trouble. When you can’t unlock iCloud lock, the mobile phone becomes useless. It’s a common problem that could also happen when you buy a second-hand iPhone or someone gifts it to you without removing the previous iCloud account.

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Fix iPhone 6 Activation Lock: iPhone 6/6+ Unlock

The iCloud activation lock is one of Apple’s top features, protecting your device from theft or unwanted lookers. However, sometimes the iCloud lock works against us, like when you forget the Apple ID password or buy a second-hand iPhone 6. When that happens, managing to unlock the iCloud lock on the iPhone device is a

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