Fix iPhone 6S Activation Lock: iPhone 6S/6S+ Unlock

Designed as a safety measure, the iCloud activation lock is a common feature found in all iPhone models. Nonetheless, sometimes you may trigger it by accident. It usually happens when you buy a secondhand device or forget the Apple ID to unlock iCloud lock.

Fortunately, we offer a quick way to fix iPhone 6S activation lock. This web platform application releases all restrictions within the iOS system, allowing you to create a new iCloud account and bypass iCloud activation lock.

Want to know the best part? Our service is easy to use, fast, and free!

Why Choose LockedToOwner.com

What Causes the iCloud Activation Lock on iPhone 6S

Why is my iPhone 6S has Activation lock

The iCloud activation lock screen is a safety feature that can come active on the iPhone 6S for different reasons. Learn about the most common causes behind this problem that would require a bypass iCloud lock tool.

  • You purchased an iPhone 6S recently, but the last owner forgot to remove the previous iCloud account or didn’t give you the details.
  • You didn’t use the Apple ID password for a long time and forgot the password.
  • You stored the login ID details in the iPhone 6S but deleted them wrongfully.

All You Should Know About The Ultimate iPhone Unlock Web Platform

How can lockedtoowner help you fix iPhone 6S activation lock

We have designed a free web platform application to unlock iCloud lock on Apple devices, such as iPhones, iPads, and Apple Watches.

Therefore, it’s an iPhone 6S iCloud unlock service for Apple users globally. The unlock procedure consists of five steps, and it doesn’t require technical IT knowledge.

The platform offers an intuitive interface, taking only 5 minutes to fix iCloud activation lock screen. You can use it to remove activation lock without paying any money or risking your data to strangers.

As a result, we present to you the ultimate tool to bypass iCloud activation lock by yourself as quickly and safely as possible.

Benefits of Using Our Web Application to Fix iPhone 6S iCloud Activation Lock

Reasons why you should use LockedToOwner.com

Not sure why this web removal app is a unique iPhone 6S remove iCloud tool? Learn more about its benefits to find out why!

Takes Less Than 5 Minutes!

Even if you don’t know anything about iOS systems, we guarantee a smooth experience through an intuitive interface. Every step of the process is easy, taking no more than 20 minutes to complete the unlock.

Zero Fees

iCloud bypass tools are often expensive or keep charging you money for a service that doesn’t work. Nonetheless, this platform is the alternative you need that actually works and doesn’t charge you a dollar. Don’t ever pay any money for something that you can do yourself!

Unobtrusive Unlock

Countless unlock apps offer quick iCloud removal but attempt to steal your data during the process. As an alternative, we make sure to protect all of your data, apps, and stored info until unlocking the device completely. There’s no need to worry about unwanted parties stealing your info or losing anything.

Unlock Your iPhone Remotely

A locked iPhone is a big problem because sometimes there aren’t any Apple stores or technicians nearby. However, our web application is available for use anytime and anywhere. You can use this iPhone 6S to bypass iCloud app from the comfort of your home, whether you’re in America or another continent.

Works with All iPhone 6S Models

Whether you own an iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S+ is irrelevant. With LockedToOwner.com, you can unlock all the models available from this device. Plus, you could use it to unlock other Apple systems like iPad iCloud or as an Apple Watch iCloud bypass tool.

How to Fix iPhone 6S Activation Lock?

Look no further than our homepage to unlock iCloud-locked iPhone 6S. The web platform application is already easy enough, but here’s a guide to walk you through the process.

Step 1: Tap the Chat Bubble to Start Unlocking

iphone 6s tap chat

To start unlocking your iPhone 6S device, tap on the chat located on the lower right of your screen asking ‘Which device do you need Unlocked?’.

Step 2: Determine the Device to Unlock iCloud Activation Lock

iphone 6s select iphone

The second step of the process involves identifying the type of device you want to unlock. With our iCloud removal tool, you can choose between iPhone, iPad, or Apple Watch. In this case, you must click on ‘iPhone’.

Step 3: Type Your IMEI Number

iphone 6s select imei

The next step will show you a question asking ‘Do you have an IMEI or a Serial Number?’. For this one, choose IMEI to proceed to the next section.

iphone 6s enter imei

Now, enter the IMEI number of your iPhone device. If you don’t know what it is, here’s what you have to do to find it.

How to find the IMEI number on iPhone 6S?

How to view your IMEI or Serial Number
  • Activate the iPhone 6S lock screen, and push the sleep button found on the right side. The screen must turn off.
  • Go to the sleep button, and press it again to activate the device. The ‘I’ button should be visible on the iPhone’s bottom right, so tap it. The iPhone 6S should restart.

The IMEI number should be visible by this point, so take note of it and write it down on the form. Click next to the move to the next step of removing iCloud activation lock.

Step 4: Provide Your Name and Email Address

Enter personal info

Once you have entered your IMEI number, it will show you a new form that you must fill out. Here’s the unique information you will have to provide.

  • Your name
  • Email address

Submitting this information is necessary to receive the activation code and unlock the iPhone, so make sure it’s valid. Don’t forget to check the box for your consent allowing the web platform to store your data. There’s no need to worry, as your personal details will be safe and secure while removing the iPhone activation lock.

Step 5: Receiving the New Login ID & iCloud Activation Password

click next

Now, you must download the new login ID, which you will use on the Apple ID box to unlock the device. This step is pretty easy but check out our YouTube video if you have any doubts. Then, use it to remove iCloud activation lock, and that’s it!

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Final Words

Knowing how to fix iPhone 6S activation lock is a major headache until you try our iCloud lock removal service.

With us, you get everything you need to complete an iCloud activation lock removal in under 5 minutes. It works with iPhone 6S, iPhone 6S+, and many more Apple devices and iOS versions.

You won’t require IT knowledge either. Therefore, anyone from anywhere around the world can use it. Plus, you don’t have to pay any money at all, helping you save a couple of bucks.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you want to know a bit more about how our service works, we bring you the customer’s most common questions for you to get rid of any doubts.

How to bypass activation lock?

By using our web removal app, start by tapping the chat bubble, then Select the type of device you want to unlock and fill in all the required info. It will take less than 5 minutes to generate an Unlock Code that will permanently Remove the Activation Lock Screen from your device.

How to remove activation lock without previous owner?

If you don’t have the previous owner’s information you won’t be able to remove the activation lock. You have a few options like contacting Apple support or using our iCloud removal service which is completely free, permanent, and safe.

How to remove activation lock without apple ID?

From now on, you don’t have to worry if you forgot your login data or bought a second-hand device with the previous owner’s data because our removal service doesn’t require it. You just need to click the chat bubble and follow a few simple steps to get your Apple device working back.

How to bypass iCloud activation lock for free?

By going to our homepage and looking for the device you want to unlock; then, hit ‘Start Your Unlock’ to continue the process. And remember, our service is online, everlast, and completely free.

What is activation lock?

It is an iOS security feature that requires your Apple ID and password for the device to be allowed to use. This prevents unwanted people to activate your device if it’s lost or stolen.

What is activation lock on iPhone?

It is a feature on iPhones that requires your login data to allow you to use the device. It is important if you want to erase the iCloud data or change some security settings. This feature prevents anyone else uses your device without being authorized.

Why does my iPhone say iPhone locked to owner?

It is because you probably did many unlocking wrong attempts on your iPhone. You could also have forgotten it, or, bought a second-hand device that still has the previous owner’s data. In that case, you will need to use a removal tool if you want to have your iPhone working again.


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